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September 29, 2017

Wedding Trends 2018

We are not big on following trends and are firm believers of incorporating one’s own style and personality into the B I G day, but sometimes it is nice to just have a sneak peak of what the world out there has planned for us this year. To be fair, they do tend to wow us every now and again with an awesome new colour combo or floral arrangement, which suits our style and preference perfectly. And because we have a serious case of FOMO – let’s see what they have up their pretty, little sleeves for 2018.

Décor and Flowers

Bright and contrasting colours are back. Pantone named Ultra Violet as their colour of the year, which reminds us of the limitless night sky and endless possibilities, wanting to be explored. So be bold and explore every colour option, play around and showcase your personality not only with bright flower arrangements, but also coloured glassware.

The Groom

Navy is the new black as couples now opt for a darker blue to be worn by the groom instead of the old, but classic (and ever trusting) black tux.

The Cake

Goodbye cupcakes and helloooo cakes! A wedding cake is a must at your wedding and will not only satisfy your sweet tooth and serve as dessert, but can also stand out as a centerpiece on one of your tables. Bringing back the good old cake is a trend we will gladly follow!

The Venue

The industrial look has been lurking in the background for a while now and it is finally announced (which totally makes it a thing). Choose a venue with an industrial look and feel which will give you the textured walls, high ceiling and bigger space to be dived into different rooms (think dance floor, relaxation room with couches, coffee bar).

The Eats

Just the way we like it – be unique! Set up a sushi station for guests to order or make their own, or dig up old family recipes which will stand out from the usual suspects on the menu.  

The Dress

All that you need to know here, is to stay true to your style and come to us to make the magic happen!

These are nice guidelines and if you are completely lost on what to do or where to start with this process, have a look at some more trends, but we would like you to put your mark firmly on that special day you’ve been dreaming about for so long – don’t settle or conform – BE YOU!

Happy Planning!

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