My Troudag - Elegansie in die Droogte

Hoe wonderlik is dit om nie om trou-inspirasie in ons moedertaal te kry nie? ‘n Pragtige gestileerde fotosessie by Theewaterskloofdam tydens die knouende droogte in die Kaap. Lees meer hier.

100 Layer Cake - Moody Urban Brewery Wedding

Ecstatic that both our White Lily Lulu Gown and bespoke Concrete Marble cake was featured in the same shoot with amazing vendors. If bold, saturated hues and moody vibes are styles you’re looking to incorporate into your wedding design, this urban brewery wedding inspiration whipped up at Jack Black in Cape Town will be right up your alley. Read more about this inspirational shoot here.

White Magazine - Forged Florals

We are honoured to be featured in the International Blog, and echo this dynamic duo's believes: C H I V A L R Y, R E S P E C T AND D E V O T I O N. Read more about this inspirational shoot here.